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Name:Rainbow Dash

~ The Rainbooms ~
Rainbow Dash: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Song Writer
Applejack: Bass
Pinkie Pie: Drums
Rarity: Keytar, Back-up Vocals
Fluttershy: Tambourine, Song Writer
Sunset Shimmer: Back-up Vocals, Back-up Guitar
Twilight Sparkle: Temporary Lead Vocals

~ Songs ~
Equestria Girls (Cafeteria Song)
Time to Come Together
This Is Our Big Night
A Friend For Life
Rainbow Rocks
Better Than Ever
Shake Your Tail
Awesome As I Wanna Be
Welcome to the Show
Shine Like Rainbows
Perfect Day For Fun
Friendship Through The Ages
My Past Is Not Today
Life Is A Runway
The Friendship Games
Dance Magic
CHS Rally Song
What More Is Out There
Right There In Front Of Me
Legend of Everfree
The Midnight In Me
Embrace The Magic
Legend You Are Meant To Be
Hope Shines Eternal
Mad Twience
Monday Blues
Shake Things Up
Get The Show On The Road
Coinky-Dink World
Good Vibes

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